Commercial EPC

Commercial EPC

Energy Performance certificate or EPC provides that level of energy efficiency of a building or property. This level is marked between A to G where A is greatest and G is least level of energy efficiency.
A commercial EPC will be required in case:

  • You are selling or renting out the property
  • The construction of a building has been completed
  • You have made modifications in the building dividing it to be occupied by different parties. Such modifications are liable to EPC if they require changes in heating systems, ACs and ventilation mechanism of the building.

You are exempted from a commercial EPC in case:

  • The building is listed or under protection
  • Buildings and properties occupied for less than 24 months
  • Religious properties
  • Low energy consuming buildings used for agriculture or industrial reasons.
  • Separate units with less than 50 square meters of utilization area.
  • Properties that will be demolished in near future.

An EPC will also not be required if:

  • If a building owner plans to sell it or rent it and is currently under no occupation.
  • It can be demolished and developed into something new.
  • The building has been requested for demolition by the owner or occupant.

These were all the necessary details needed to know about the energy performance certificate. It is very useful both when selling and renting out, as it helps in assessing the energy efficiency of a building or a property.

Prices For Commercial EPC

  • £145.00 (0-50 Sq.m)
  • £185.00 ( 51-200 Sq.m)
  • £229.00 (201-350 Sq.m)
  • £289.00 (351-500 Sq.m)
  • £345.00 ( 501-750 Sq.m)
  • Above 750 Sq.m, Request Quotation

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