Domestic EPC

Domestic EPC

The energy performance certificate or more commonly referred to as a Domestic EPC is used for declaring how efficient a building or real estate property is. The subject is rated in a range of A to G where A is highest level of efficiency and G is the lowest. The validity period for the EPC is ten years.

Such a certification is required when you want to rent or sell the building.

Prices For Bedrooms

  • £45.00 (upto 4 Bedrooms)
  • £55.00 4+ Bedrooms

The domestic EPC has the following details:

  • Details of the energy utilized in the building and expenses incurred on this energy.
  • Suggestions and actions required for the reduction in expenses and energy used.
  • You have made modifications in the building dividing it to be occupied by different parties. Such modifications are liable to EPC if they require changes in heating systems, air conditioning’s and ventilation mechanism of the building

According to this regulation production of an EPC it is essential before marketing the building for the purpose of sale or renting out.

The person responsible for assessing will be given access to the entire building for properly inspecting each and every room.

Person assessing will require the following information collection:

  • The measurements
  • Constructive details
  • Heating requirements
  • Hot Water utilized
  • Glazed surfaces
  • Lights used
  • Insulating materials and procedures

Properties exempted from Energy performance certificate are:

  • Religiously sacred properties
  • Building utilized for less than 24 months on adhoc basis
  • Properties having utilized floor area of less than 50m2
  • Less energy consuming units of the industry and buildings used for agriculture purposes
  • Properties planned for demolition
  • Properties offered for vacations and are occupied on rent basis for less than a quarter of the year

Domestic EPC

domestic epc

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