Electric Safety Certificate

Electric Safety Certificate

At 3M Property Services, we provide Electric Safety Certificate for your rented properties. If you are a property owner, then it is essential to consider safety first. Most of the landlords do not consider these factors and expose themselves to the hazardous effects of the financial risks.

  • The risks may end up in an invalidated insurance or fines because of neglecting the electric certificate.
  • The landlords put millions of people lives at risk.
  • So it is great to clarify the obligation by getting an electric owner certificate every twelve months.

It is a vital responsibility for the electrical safety reasons and helps to provide the wide range of services.

Prices For Bedrooms

  • £90.00 (upto 4 Bedrooms)
  • 4+ Bedrooms

Why us for Electric Landlord Certificate responsibilities?

Following are the precautions which are essential and provided by us.

  • Make sure that the installation of the electrical property must be safe.
  • Every electrical appliance or the wiring must be maintained.
  • The periodic inspection is necessary by the landlord.
  • Make sure to hire the registered services for the electrician work.
  • Carry out the regular appliance check as well.

So for these efficient and effective service, you need to hire the professional. We provide the reliable service to our clients with the safety security checks to ensure that the electrical installation, as well as the appliances, are working safely.

Electric Safety Certificate


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